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5 Dates Through Sep 20, 2017

We are excited to offer the Primo Grill and Smoker here at the farm. We have had one for a few years and LOVE it! Grilling, smoking, even bake in this beauty! To learn even more about the Primo grill visit their website -

We have some upcoming Primo Demonstration Events in the works

May 24th - Samples, Samples, Samples!!! Experience grilling like never before and taste the fruits of your labors! 

June 21st - Summer Cookout! Burgers, Hot dogs, tater salad and more! We have a wonderful selection of PRIMO Grills to take a gander at and actually watch them in action. 

July 19th - Grilled Veggies never had it so good! Grilling isn't just for meat - the PRIMO can bake, smoke and grill! Yeah, it does it all! Sample some delicious grilled veggies, smoked meats and freshly baked cookies! All made in our PRIMO Grills!

August 9th - Pizza Party! Make your own pizza! Discover how to bake a family favorite in a matter of minutes!

September 20th - Stack'm up! Grill meats, veggies and more in the PRIMO. Learn how to use Primo accessories to get the most out of your grill. We'll also be baking bread to enjoy with our other samples. 

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